What is the better service for your request ?

This service will allow you to know better your expectations. You will have a more accurate idea of the costs for a genealogical research. Please to select an option.

I know where my ancestors lived in France.

I have ancestors in France, but I don't know exactly from where.

I have already made my family tree in France and I want to find out more information about their history.

I'm making a research and I need to know if there is any resources in France.

Other researches


I know where my ancestors lived in France.

I need a family tree.

I want additional information to complete a family tree.

Other researches


I need a family tree

Two options are possible to receive your family tree :

1) The agnatic family tree : history of a last name (if your name is MARTIN, we'll search only the MARTIN, their marriages but not the family of their spouses). This option allows to explore in depth a family and its area of origin.
2) The full family tree : we'll search all the ancestors, from your father as well as your mother. This option will produce a complete family.

How we can find out information about your ancestors ?

a) There is no automatic matching result by computer for this research.

b) The researches are made where the Archives are located, into each French departement (click here to read the list of the departements) as well as into each commune (about 36,000 communes). There is no centralized service to make a genealogical research.