Property history : examples

You may need this service in the case of a sale, an estate settlement or simply to document the history of the property. Example of a directory of documents needed for the property survey     Excerpt from a table

Historical & biographical research : examples

Through the different sections of this blog – especially the section “Herodote” (in French) – one can see the range of possible investigations, beyond the reconstitution of the family tree. Here we take at random some examples of research that

Nigay in Feurs, Loire

Potato starch since the middle of the 19th century, the Nigay company has become, after an exceptional conversion, the leading company in Europe in the industrial candy sector. The Nigerians continue to assert the family nature of the business.

Balthazard et Cotte

Today part of the Lhoist family group, born in Belgium, the company Balthazard et Cotte is linked to the tradition of lime production in the Grenoble region.