Historical & biographical research : examples

Through the different sections of this blog – especially the section “Herodote” (in French) – one can see the range of possible investigations, beyond the reconstitution of the family tree. Here we take at random some examples of research that may not have occurred to you.

Ancestors in the former French colonies

Archives of the Algerian tribes

Archives nationales, Outre-Mer

Extract from the plan of the Senator-Consultant of the Beni-Snous tribe (1884).

Rebuilding careers

From company archives
Certificate of employment

Each period of history produces its own sources. This is particularly true in the revolutionary period or World War II.

Cahiers de doléances,  1789

Franco-German affair. Deprivation of nationality (1941).


French naturalization

Naturalization of a Frenchman in America

Hidden parts of your distant ancestors lives can be uncovered through the back door of public records, such as court records.

Love correspondence found in the U series.



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